Gabriela Martins Santos, Samuel Ricardo Batista Moura, Aluísio Paredes Moreira Júnior, Davi Costa Feitosa Alves, Luana Kelle Batista Moura, Letícia da Silva Andrade, Kelvya Fernanda Almeida Lago Lopes, Maria Eliete Batista Moura


Objective: to analyze the international scientific production on elderly patient safety in Intensive Care Unit. Method: bibliometric study carried out on ISI Web of Knowledge / Web of ScienceTM database, with the search terms: “Patient Safety”, “Elderly”, “Intensive Care Units”, performed from exporting these data for the bibliometric analysis software HistCiteTM. Results: 103 publication records were identified, in 85 different journals, written by 679 authors that are associated with 224 institutions, located in 30 countries. In analysis of number of citations count, the h-index value is equal to 24. Conclusion: the theme is presented in a broad and diverse way, without demonstrating the existence of a good articulation among the studies, authors and institutions around the world. There is a need to construct knowledge networks in the field that make possible further studies able to contribute to improve elderly patient safety in intensive care.


Segurança do paciente. Idoso. Unidade de Terapia Intensiva.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26694/repis.v5i0.9775


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