Media and the theatralization of power: an interview with Peter Burke

Aline Strelow


Peter Burke holds the title of Professor Emeritus at the University of Cambridge, and a doctoral degree from the University of Oxford. He has worked in the universities of Sussex, Essex, and Princeton. In Brazil, he was a visiting professor at the Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of São Paulo in the 1990’s. Burke wrote dozens of books, among which: Popular Culture in Early Modern Europe (1978), The Renaissance (1987), The Fabrication of Louis XIV (1994), A Social History of Knowledge (2000), and A Social History of the Media (2002). In this interview, he talks about several topics related to Communication: media and the theatralization of power, from Louis XIV to nowadays; persuasion and manipulation; image analysis and media convergence, and more. The interview was recorded on June 9th 2017, in São Paulo, the day after Peter Burke delivered the opening lecture at the 11th National Media History Conference – Alcar 2017.


História da Mídia; História da Comunicação; Mídia e poder

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