Nursing care in sexual and reproductive health of prisoner women: experience report/Assistência de enfermagem na saúde sexual e reprodutiva de mulheres reclusas: relato de experiência/Cuidados de enfermería en salud sexual y reproductiva de las mujeres..

Augusto Cezar Antunes de Araujo Filho, Karla Vivianne Araújo Feitosa, Isabela Maria Magalhães Sales, Fernanda Maria de Jesus Sousa Pires de Moura


Objective: reporting the experience of nursing academics as the assistance provided in the area of reproductive and sexual health to prisoner women. Methodology: this is a descriptive study of type case studies about the experience of nursing students in extension project "Nursing care: contributions on reproductive health of inmate women of a penitentiary in Teresina", in the months from march to december 2013. Results: health assistance in Brazilian prisons is still deficient, however, despite the limitations, it can be performed activities aiming at an effective nursing care, because despite the obstacles, it is due to the nurse and to the health team working on the development of strategies for coping with difficulties, by optimizing available resources. Conclusion: experience has shown that the full nursing care to prisoner women’s health, in the context of sexual and reproductive health is essential, mainly because these women constitute a vulnerable population to the development of various diseases.

Descriptors: Nursing Care. Women. Prisons.



Assistência de enfermagem; Mulheres; Prisões.

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