Characterization of the patient with chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis / Caracterização do paciente com mucosite oral induzida por quimioterapia / Caracterización de la paciente con mucositis oral inducida por quimioterapia

Jaylinne Ribeiro Morais, Thiago Rêgo Vanderley, Rômulo Diego Monte Soares, Augusto Everton Dias Castro, Sarah Nilkece Mesquita Araújo, Maria Helena Barros Araújo Luz


Objectives: To characterize cancer patients with oral mucositis treated at a private health facility. Methodology: An exploratory study with descriptive quantitative approach developed in 87 patients in a private practice oncology in Teresina, PI, from August 2011 to January 2012. Results: Findings indicated the prevalence of oral mucositis in males and in the age groups 40-59 years and more than 60. The most common cancer diagnoses were gastrointestinal tract and breast cancer, the treatments focused on chemoradiation, determining predominantly grades I and II of oral mucositis. Overall, mucositis had low discontinuation of cancer treatment and nursing procedures were mainly observed when patients had mucositis grade I. Conclusion: Patients are mostly female, age 40-59 years, with an education 11 or more years. Have an income 2-4 minimum wages and the most frequent types of cancers were the gastrointestinal tract and breast cancer, respectively.

Descriptors: Stomatitis. Oncology. Chemotherapy. Nursing


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