The use of educational technologies for health promotion in adolescence: Freire’s approach / Uso de tecnologias educativas para promoção da saúde na adolescência: abordagem freireana

Érica Oliveira Matias, Albertina Aguiar Brilhante, Amanda de Fátima Alves Costa, Daisy Maria Silva, Maria Lígia Silva Nunes Cavalcante, Vandrianne Oliveira Carvalho


Objective: To describe the use of educational technologies by conducting health education activities based on the theoretical and methodological framework of Paulo Freire. Methodology: This was a descriptive exploratory study with a qualitative approach, performed in an Outpatient for adolescents, in May 2012, as  an activity on the stage of compulsory subject in the Nursing Process Care for Adolescent. The research project was approved by the Ethics Committee of the Universidade Federal do Ceará-COMEPE with protocol 081/11. The activities were described in chronological order of realization of  the educational strategies, addressing the following topics: body care, self-esteem and interpersonal relationships. Results: There was a greater appreciation and interest in the issues presented in a playful and dynamic way. Health education is an important strategy for promoting health. Conclusion: the themes worked were relevant, interactive and informative, so that the issues brought clarifications and new knowledge to adolescents. Descriptors: Health Education Health Promotion. Adolescent Nursing


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